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Woodlawn is a neighborhood of Schenectady, New York and occupies the entire southeastern section of that city. The neighborhood developed as a suburb of the city of Schenectady in the first two decades of the 20th century and was annexed to the city in 1923. Consisting of mostly single family detached houses it is only one of three neighborhoods in Schenectady to post an increase in population during the 1990s.*

Fehr Avenue serves as the western boundary. Golf Road and the Crosstown Connection serve as the northern boundary.  The Schenectady City line serves as the southern and eastern boundary.**  

The Woodlawn neighborhood enjoys many resources including the City golf course, excellent public and private schools, stable residential areas anchored by long tome homeowners.**   

Children who live on this street will be a part of the Schenectady City School District. They can attend Woodlawn Elementary School, which houses grades k-6. These kids would then go to Mont Pleasant Middle School, which houses grades 7-8. Finally, they can go to Schenectady High School, which houses grades 9-12, or the Steinmetz Career and Leadership Academy, which also houses grades 9-12. This school is a small learning environment that focuses on technology, with all students being allowed the opportunity to borrow a laptop. Admission into this school is based on an open application process. 

Four schools are located in Woodlawn. Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons High School is located at 2600 Albany Street. It is a private school operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. Brown School is a nondenominational, independent school located at 150 Corlear Avenue.  Two public elementary schools are located in Woodlawn: Paige Elementary School at 104 Elliott Avenue and Woodlawn Elementary School at 3311 Wells Avenue and Gifford Road.** 

Park and recreational resources in Woodlawn include the Woodlawn Preserve, Central Park, Woodlawn Park, the Schenectady Municipal Golf Course, and Stadium Golf Club.  Woodlawn Preserve is the largest passive park in the City at 135 acres. Woodlawn Park is located at the intersection of Ricci Street and Kings Road.  The park encompasses 1.7 acres and includes a basketball court, swimming pool, tot lot, play equipment, and a picnic area.  The Schenectady Municipal Golf Course is an 18-hole golf course that is located southeast of Central Park. Approximately 35,000 rounds of golf are played each year.  The City contracts for daily maintenance of the golf course, the concession stand and the Golf Pro. Stadium Golf Club is a private 18-hole golf course located on Jackson Avenue. The facility also includes a driving range, putting greens, restaurant and professional golf shop.** 

 The City’s sanitary sewer system covers virtually the entire city with the exception of a few homes that utilize individual septic systems at the outer edges of Woodlawn. Large portions of Woodlawn also do not have storm sewers. Community facilities serving Woodlawn include a fire station and public library. Fire Station #2 is located at 1515 State Street near the Corner with Fehr Avenue.  This station serves Central State Street neighborhood east of Brandywine, the Woodlawn neighborhood and parts of the Mont Pleasant and Union Street neighborhoods.  This station covers a large geographic area. The Woodlawn Branch Library is located at 2 Sanford Street.**     

Brief History*

Around 1900 Woodlawn was a series of large and small farms along the Albany-Schenectady Road, in the towns of Niskayuna and Rotterdam. One of the large landowners was Jacob Fehr who owned an expansive farm in the vicinity of the Schenectady Municipal Golf Course, Fehr Avenue through Central Park is named for him. It was around the turn of the 20th century that Woodlawn began to become a suburb of the city of Schenectady. In 1901 the Schenectady Railway Company built an interurban line to Albany along the south side of the Albany-Schenectady Road, which at that time was a two-lane road. The railway along the Albany-Schenectady Road (now State Street) was abandoned in 1933 and State Street was expanded to a spacious four-lane road with a center turning lane. Also in 1901 Parkview Cemetery was opened and in 1912 Central Park was constructed as the jewel of Schenectady’s park system. From 1910-1915 one of the earliest airfields in the Capital District was located in Woodlawn along Eastholm Road. After World War I Woodlawn began to become a true suburban environment and residents began to push for annexation to Schenectady so as to receive municipal services such as sewers, fire hydrants, paving, and trash collection. In 1923 Woodlawn was annexed to the city.*

Where the Stadium Golf Course is today was once the Schenectady Stadium, which housed the minor league team the Schenectady Blue Jays from 1946-1957.*