Let science and history flood your mind on Albany real estate. At the New York State Museum endless exhibits and displays engage the senses. Dedicated to expanding the minds of locals and visitors alike, the museum welcomes all with free admission. Donations are appreciated and hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Exhibits are plentiful with two floors to explore. There is a boundless amount of territory to cover so taking a sneak peek at the floorplan map is a great tool for do ahead planning.

Traverse the Adirondack Wilderness without leaving the building. Dioramas of animal species showcase the park’s diverse wildlife. Guests learn all about the industry and environment of this New York gem. World Famous Mineral Collections are found in the Minerals of New York exhibit in Adirondack Hall. See fluorescent minerals that illuminate in the darkness and take a look at one of the oldest collections of gems, the Oren Root Mineral Collection. Nearby, bird watchers flock to Bird Hall. From tiny warblers to birds of prey popular species are well represented.

Curiosity Explodes on Albany Property

Get a glimpse of the wild creatures that once roamed the earth. In the Crossroads Gallery, the Ice Age exhibit tells the tale of when Albany real estate was covered by massive glaciers. Larger than life beasts roaming about include musk oxen, mastodons, wooly mammoths and giant ground sloths. Just around the corner in the South Lobby patrons are awed by the Cohoes Mastodon which was discovered in 1866.

Science comes to life for little ones in Discovery Place. Designed especially for young minds, this part of the New York State Museum is hands on. Kids delight in discovering all kinds of things by reading, playing, observing and investigation. Blocks are used for engineering feats, and puzzle pieces expertly fit together. Tiny items become larger than life when looked at under the microscope. After romping about Discovery Place, the carousel is often the next destination. This historic children’s ride still brings shrieks of joy and smiles of happiness.

There’s is so much to do and see in the New York State Museum. One visit will hardly scratch the surface.