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Dec. 7, 2018

Shop Fresh and Local when Living in Halfmoon

There’s no second thought to supporting local businesses when living in Halfmoon. It’s a no brainer. Especially when it comes to fresh produce, residents of the area are ready to shop until they drop while giving back to the community. Trips to DeVoe’s Rainbow Orchards make it easy all the way around.

Folks skip long grocery store lines and head out to where the food is just as fresh as the air - DeVoe’s Rainbow Orchards. The farm store overflows with deliciousness. Shelves are stocked with newly picked vegetables and fruits. Other areas contain cheese, meats, eggs, jams and jellies. Regulars rave about flavorful apple cider and homemade cider donuts. Additional baked goods are found in the bakery. Mouths are definitely watering for muffins, cookies, and tender, flaky pastries. Pies and cobblers are fruit filled and very tempting.

Find the Apple of Your Eye on Halfmoon Real Estate 

DeVoe’s Rainbow Delights is the place to head out to when hunger strikes in the Halfmoon real estate area. When the weather warms ice cream keeps customers cool. Many come in for their favorite flavors including chocolate mint, maple cream, peach, lemon and banana. Those that can’t decide can double up or opt for the flavor of the week. Banana splits are fun for sharing as are sundaes. Grab and go with a chocolate malt or vanilla shake. Heartier appetites sit down for some serious grub including meatball subs, burgers and steak sandwiches.

Generations living in Halfmoon and its surrounding communities have been coming here throughout time. History at the orchards is just rich and robust as the food planted. The land was originally purchased by World War II Veteran Merritt DeVoe with his military bonus. A profit was earned with hard work, determination and an excellent teammate in his wife.  Today the business is in the capable hands of family members who are just as dedicated to presenting only the very best to their community.

Hours to the orchards are seasonal so it’s best to call ahead at 518.371.8397.


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Dec. 7, 2018

Latham Real Estate Holds a Dramatic Flair

Local theater is alive and well on Latham real estate. Quality performances are held at Curtain Call Theatre on a regular basis. A hidden gem in the neighborhood for close to thirty years, this little company has over 150 productions under its belt.

The theater is conveniently located off at Old Loudon Road at 1 Jeanne Jugan Lane. Audience members are treated to high caliber performances, state of the art acoustics, extraordinary set designs, complimentary on site parking and much more. As a small venue, seats are perfectly placed for everyone to share an unobstructed view of the stage. This intimate setting creates a homey feel adding to the ambiance. Opening nights are extra special with champagne toasts ringing out and smiles all around. Wine and cheese Fridays are also popular evenings to attend.

Take Your Mama to the Drama when Living in Latham

An impressive calendar is filled with high energy plays. The 2018/19 season is impressive which such greats as Biloxi Blues, Terms of Endearment and the Legend of Georgia McBride. Past hits on the Curtain Call Theatre stage include Neil Simon’s Lost in Yonkers, Dial M for Murder and Steel Magnolias. Showtimes are scheduled for Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and on Sundays at 3 p.m. A Saturday matinee is slipped in once a month at 3 p.m. as well. Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office.

Patrons of the arts living in Latham take advantage of season tickets. Subscribe and save packages feature full and half seasons. Contact the box office at 518.877.7529 for more information on Premier Only and Thrifty Thursday deals also.

Anytime is the perfect time to attend the theatre. Delving into the world of performing arts is a wonderful way to escape everyday stressors for just a little while. Residents of Latham real estate often purchase tickets to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, family nights and other special occasions. Take a look at the upcoming season and find the best date suited to your needs. Embrace the arts today.


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Dec. 4, 2018

Albany Real Estate Overflows with Science and History

Let science and history flood your mind on Albany real estate. At the New York State Museum endless exhibits and displays engage the senses. Dedicated to expanding the minds of locals and visitors alike, the museum welcomes all with free admission. Donations are appreciated and hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Exhibits are plentiful with two floors to explore. There is a boundless amount of territory to cover so taking a sneak peek at the floorplan map is a great tool for do ahead planning.

Traverse the Adirondack Wilderness without leaving the building. Dioramas of animal species showcase the park’s diverse wildlife. Guests learn all about the industry and environment of this New York gem. World Famous Mineral Collections are found in the Minerals of New York exhibit in Adirondack Hall. See fluorescent minerals that illuminate in the darkness and take a look at one of the oldest collections of gems, the Oren Root Mineral Collection. Nearby, bird watchers flock to Bird Hall. From tiny warblers to birds of prey popular species are well represented.

Curiosity Explodes on Albany Property

Get a glimpse of the wild creatures that once roamed the earth. In the Crossroads Gallery, the Ice Age exhibit tells the tale of when Albany real estate was covered by massive glaciers. Larger than life beasts roaming about include musk oxen, mastodons, wooly mammoths and giant ground sloths. Just around the corner in the South Lobby patrons are awed by the Cohoes Mastodon which was discovered in 1866.

Science comes to life for little ones in Discovery Place. Designed especially for young minds, this part of the New York State Museum is hands on. Kids delight in discovering all kinds of things by reading, playing, observing and investigation. Blocks are used for engineering feats, and puzzle pieces expertly fit together. Tiny items become larger than life when looked at under the microscope. After romping about Discovery Place, the carousel is often the next destination. This historic children’s ride still brings shrieks of joy and smiles of happiness.

There’s is so much to do and see in the New York State Museum. One visit will hardly scratch the surface.


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Dec. 4, 2018

Build a Plan of Action and Get Ready

Buying a home will probably rank as one of the biggest personal investments one can make. Being organized and in control will contribute significantly to getting the best home deal possible with the least amount of stress. It’s important to anticipate the steps required to successfully achieve your housing goal and to build a plan of action that gets you there.

Before you can build a plan of action, take the time to lay the groundwork for your decision-making process.

First, ask yourself how much you can afford to pay for a home. If you’re not sure on the price range, find a lender and get pre-approved. Pre-approval will let you know how much you can afford, allowing you to look for homes in your price range. Getting pre-approved also helps you to alleviate some of the anxieties that come with home buying. You know exactly what you qualify for and at what rate, you know how large your monthly mortgage payments will be, and you know how much you will have for a down payment. Once you are pre-approved, you avoid the frustration of finding homes that you think are perfect, but are not in your price range.

Second, ask yourself where you want to live and what the best location for you and/or your family is. Things to consider:

  • convenience for all family members
  • proximity to work, school
  • crime rate of neighborhood
  • local transportation
  • types of homes in neighborhood, for example condos, town homes, co-ops, newly constructed homes etc.
Oct. 26, 2018

How Much Is My Home Worth in Schenectady, New York

How Much is your home worth in Schenectady, New York?  If you are planning on selling your home, that is a question you need answered.  As your Local Schenectady Real Estate Expert, I can help you to learn the answer to that question.  I will personally do the research on your behalf and provide you with a detailed Free Market Analysis.  Please feel free to take a few moments to complete the basic information below and I will go straight to work for you.  Or, if you prefer, please feel free to give me a call directly at 518-371-0077.

See: Homes for Sale in Schenectady, New York


Oct. 12, 2018

Have You Ever Considered Purchasing a Home in Schenectady, New York

Have you ever considered moving to beautiful Schenectady, New York?  Schenectady is a desirable community & great location.  Schenectady, New York boasts a variety of local landmarks, excellent schools, parks and much much more.  Take a look at some of the most popular searches in Schenectady, New York and the surrounding areas.

See: Homes for Sale in Schenectady, New York

Not quite the location that you are looking for?  That is okay.  Through my website you can search for the exact home you are looking for in the exact city, county or community you are looking for.  Search for your perfect home, in the perfect location by taking advantage of my Advanced Search tool built directly into this website.

Sept. 21, 2018

Find Your Dream Home in Schenectady, New York

There are so many different kinds of homes out there for families to choose from.  Do I want to live in Schenectady?  Or maybe you want to find a home in Schenectady.  How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?  Do you need a large back yard?  A small backyard?  Do I even need, or want, a yard at all?  Don’t even get me started on the front yard and curb appeal.  Hardwood floors, tile, carpet.  There are so many things to consider when looking for your dream home.  How, then, do you find the right home for you?

The answer is to put me to work for you.  That is what I do for my clients.  Completing my basic Dream Home Finder I can immediately go to work for you.  Of course you can take advantage of my Quick Search and my Advanced Search tools to surf through all the homes for sale in Schenectady, New York or the surrounding areas.  By completing the Dream Home Finder, I can use additional resources at my disposal to locate homes for sale that may not be available in the public view.  In addition you are a busy individual and my passion is to work for you to find that dream home and schedule tours for you.  By working together as a team with your dreams and my resources, finding that dream home is only one tour away.  It is my passion to find you that one right tour.

Aug. 31, 2018

Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new and improved real estate website. I invite you to look around and see what is available. As your Schenectady, New York real estate expert I can provide you will all of the information to accomplish your real estate goals.

  • Looking for a new home for yourself or your family: Quick Search
  • Know exactly what you are looking for in your new home: Advanced Search
  • You want me to find your dream home for you so you do not have to do the searching yourself?: Dream Home Finder
  • Thinking of selling your home? Let me go to work for you and find out your home's exact value: FREE Market Analysis

Save your search!
Saving your search is an important step if if you would like to be able to quickly refer back to your search at a future date.  More importantly I will be able to quickly notify you directly of any new listings that come available on the market that match your search criteria.  The beautiful thing is that you can make as many of these saved searches as you would like.

First, you must be registered on our website. This is easy. It only requires your first and last name, an email address and a password. Register Here. To save any search, simply perform a search using the Quick Search or Advanced Search, click on the “search” button, and then click “save search”, which is located in the top right hand corner just above the search results. This will prompt you to title your saved search and provide you with the option of being notified by email.  Check the box to be notified by email of new listings that match your search.

To look at or edit your saved searches, you must be logged in. On the homepage, top right hand corner is where you can view your saved searches. Click this link and you will then see all the searches you saved, you can delete them, edit the email notifications and more.

If you would like any assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact Me or call me directly at 518-371-0077

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Aug. 31, 2018

Understanding Foreclosures

It is an unfortunate commentary, but when economic activity declines and housing activity decreases, more real property enters the foreclosure process. High interest rates and creative financing arrangements are also contributing factors.

When prices are rapidly accelerating during a real estate “bonanza”, many people go to any lengths available to get into the market through investments in vacation homes, rental housing and trading up to more expensive properties. In some cases, this results in the taking on of high interest rate payments and second, third and even fourth deeds of trust. Many buyers anticipate that interest rates will drop and home prices will continue to escalate. It is possible that neither will occur and borrowers may be faced with large balloon payments becoming due. When payments cannot be met, the foreclosure process looms on the horizon.

In the foreclosure process, one thing should be kept in mind: as a general rule, a lender would rather receive payments than receive a home due to a foreclosure. Lenders are not in the business of selling real estate and will often try to accommodate property owners who are having payment problems. The best plan is to contact the lender before payment problems arise. If monthly payments are too hefty, it may be that a lender will be able to make some alternative payment arrangements until the owner’s financial situation improves.

Let’s say, however, that a property owner has missed payments and has not made any alternate arrangements with the lender. In this case, the lender may decide to begin the foreclosure process. Under such circumstances, the lender, whether a bank, savings and loan or private party, will request that the trustee, often a title company, file a notice of default with the county recorder’s office. A copy of the notice is mailed to the property owner.

If the default is due to a balloon payment not being made when due, the lender can require full payment on the entire outstanding loan as the only way to cure the default. If the default is not cured, the lender may direct the trustee to sell the property at a public sale.

In cases of a public sale, a notice of sale must be published in a local newspaper and posted in a public place, usually the courthouse, for three consecutive weeks. Once the notice of sale has been recorded, the property owner has until 5 days prior to the published sale date to bring the loan current. If the owner cures the default by making up the payments, the deed of trust will be reinstated and regular monthly payments will continue as before.

After this time, it may still be possible for the property owner to work out a postponement on the sale with the lender. However, if no postponement is reached, the property goes on the block. At the sale, buyers must pay the amount of their bid in cash, cashier’s check or other instrument acceptable to the trustee. A lender may “credit bid” up to the amount of the obligation being foreclosed upon.

With the recent attention given to foreclosure, there also has been corresponding interest in buying foreclosed properties. However, caveat emptor: buyer beware. Foreclosed properties are very likely to be burdened with overdue taxes, liens and clouded titles. A buyer should do his homework and ask a local title company for information concerning these outstanding liens and encumbrances. Title insurance may or may not be available following a foreclosure sale and various exceptions may be included in any title insurance policy issued to a buyer of a foreclosed property.

Your local title company will be happy to provide additional information.

Aug. 31, 2018

Underground Heating Oil Tanks

Underground heating oil tanks can pose many potential problems to both home buyers and sellers. They have been the source of many environmental problems such as contamination of surrounding soil and ground water.

Leaks are generally caused by the rust inside underground tanks or by an electrical condition sparked by electric utility lines.

Buyers should always have the tank inspected to make sure that it is structurally sound. Buyers who do not want an underground fuel tank can arrange for an above ground tank to be installed in the basement and the underground tank to be shut off. Cleanup of any leaks will also have to be taken care of.

For buyers, the underground heating oil tank should be written in the sales contract. For sellers, your lawyer should make sure that the description and condition of the underground heating oil tank is accurate and up-to-date.